More About Me

I know that you are thinking “who is Scobert Roble?” (mainly because that’s all that the unwashed internet masses have to do all day). 

So before I was my own Internet brand, I used to work for Sicromoft (where I know everyone and they all drop everything at the drop of a hat only to be on shaky video).  One day, Gill Bates, sends ME! an email about a recent thinkweek paper that I wrote…little old modest ME!….and says that he wants to use parts of it in a speech.  Well, everyone knows that making it into a Gill Bates speech means that it is as good as defined, right?

Oops, my feedcount is still higher on the old blog about ME! so please subscribe to my feed.

Where was I? Oh yeah, talking about ME! and how many people I know.  Continue to hang onto every word and send me congratulatory comments while I prepare 8 more posts on this subject for today.


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