Everything Is About Attention and Google-Juice

When you realize that A-Listers are the world, then you’ll get lots of web traffic. 

Want to quietly help out a small startup? if you are known throughout the blogosphere, you cant just quietly help out anybody – it’s clearly against the rules in my book “I’m Naked But Having A Conversation”.  No attention means that you are on the verge of returning to a life of being just another Z-List gunkie-face.

Not attending Camps? You must have a plan on hob-nobbing with the blogging world’s elite and chosen next elite to be successful.  Even if this means foregoing any sort work on your startup to do so.  There’s just something about sleeping on the floor with a ton of other geeks hoping to get a link from ME! even if the others are living at home with Mom, are independently wealthy, or have recurring adsense income from their splogs.  Screw the startup…go to Camp.

No links to A-Listers? You won’t be successful because the A-List won’t let you be successful. The A-List is the new pink, baby.  Your every waking moment and every action should be geared to trying to be like ME! with your name prominently displayed on top of everyone else in a Google search….because that’s clearly the rightful measure of a person.

Don’t want to be in the Search Indexes because you want to remain private?  You clearly do not have a blog. 

Want to post on your blog when you can?  Nope…against the rules.  You don’t have a blog.  You must commit to at least 5 posts per day at all hours of the day or night.  Your long tail public of 3 readers awaits.

Better get your priorities straight and quick! You can only publically disagree with me when you’ve talked to 4000 industry leaders (I’m keeping a count) or I know who you are.


One Response to “Everything Is About Attention and Google-Juice”

  1. Thomas Says:

    got it, thanks for that 😉

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