Sitting Down With Another Industry Leader

I sat down with another industry last week and threw out my usual softball questions.  Two things are absolute truisms in my book:   if a blog or corporate PR says it…it has to be true…and guaranteed I’ll swallow it whole hook, line, and sinker. So when corporate PR says that affiliates make upwards of $xxx,xxx per year, that means everyone will.

At Sicromoft, the ability to demonstrate critical thinking wasn’t necessary because since the issues with teams were already well-known, I could simply avoid the hard ones.  Now that I’m my own brand, I’ll feed the masses their pulp and play to my minions.  Conjecture presented as facts play as well as corner cases presented as the norm….why should I critically think when my hundreds of minions will always support me?

If they happen to disagree (how could they?  I’m ME!)  I’ll either 1) throw a tantrum, 2) insult the poster, 3) whine about how hurt my feelings are (that seems to work well) or 4) insist that they are working for a competitor.

if somehow publically proven to be wrong, I’ll just write a quick unfelt admission to be buried under 15 other postings…this should never be regarded as an apology.  Needless to say, I wont ever comment again on the topic.



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