When All Else Fails….

When all else fails, I can always just blog about my old work on Nannel Chine (back when you guys loved ME!). You’ll get to watch something good while I can wax nostalgic about the “good old days”. 

I wish that Todpech could have videos like Nannel Chine but you guys dont let me off of the hook for my softball questions.  Sure, I could ask more meaningful questions of technology leaders or even have a three minute “hotseat”  set of questions where I ask hard questions about the lack of diversity and such, but then I’d have to actually take a risk to make change  (and who wants to take a risk? I prefer to do things like make mention of diversity in a non-actionable way so I can claim victory, google juice, and some MechTeme power later). 

Besides, if I take a risk and ask hard questions, I’d have to actually demonstrate critical thinking, perform some due diligence on a given companies issues, be knowledgable about their products, and then actually ask the hard questions (in front of them!). It’s easier just to parrot back PR’s talking points and reap the benefits.

I didn’t sign up for risk-taking….besides PR might not ever invite ME! back.

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