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Are You Going To Believe Your Lying Eyes Or Will You Believe ME!

September 1, 2006

I clearly have a lot of haters people that are confused about the lengths to which I’ll go to maintain my A-list status the purpose of my blog.  They are just jealous that they can’t be working just as hard to be an A-somethinglister like ME!  But I was talking to a coward geek that didnt have the balls to sign his name will remain nameless and he gave me a half an hour of boring Z-list chit chat tips on  some secret weapons to use in response to these losers people:

Minions: How I pity their miserable existence love them (if only for their visits, links, and boost to my page rank dedicated readership that I’m truly shocked humbled by).  Every day, I’m totally surprised honored that they continue read my whiny drivel blog They’ll always tell how great my site is even though I have absolutely no responsibility to answer their silly emails I am a really busy VP at TodPech person. The rabble  dedicated readership is always good for stroking my ego providing interesting feedback.  Clearly, my branding is effective having me as an online friend has value.  Thanks for playing! so much. 

Somewhat Highly Placed But Influential Friends:  When the heat gets really bad on my blog, I can always count on some idiot one of my web n.0 influential friends to jump in and say surprising nice things like, “Scobert is one of the biggest jerks nicest and most arrogant intelligent people I know”.  Much like an expert witness true friend should, they’ll even say these things in the absence of any demonstration of these attributes on my part when I am working to stir up buzz at my  most vulnerable point.  What I can’t figure out love most is that these comments usually come after I’ve posted something A) really stupid somewhat controversial, B) highly libelous in response to attackers, or C) extremely mean without provocation or rationale words that could be considered a bit strongly worded.  I don’t even have to pay ask for this show of support. It goes to show that sometimes some links,  a little merlot, and a few kisses in the “rear parking area” building a true friendship can be worth their weight in gold.

Cool Stories:  I’m not just all about otherwise meaningless web n.0 stuff tech.  I have another side that yearns to convince you to buy books through my Zamaon affiliation show you other things much broader than just tech.  I’ve covered everything from tricks to boost the number of eyeballs how to improve content on your site to showing you where the blogs and high speed internet connections are the beauty and majesty of my favorite bed and breakfast nature in Montana.  I’ve posted articles on effective web 2.0 Bebay affilate business strategies as well.

My New Job: My new job is a great way to divert attention away from my shortcomings diversify the conversations on my blog. I was a bit afraid of losing that sweet gig at Sicromoft taking on a new role in some two-bit startup new media.  That was, of course, until I realized that my Scobert Roble brand could easily outgrow theirs met the honest, hardworking folks at TodPech.  After three months, I still dont have any announced strategy or any vision for future direction am getting settled in and look forward to establishing RoblelizerTV in such a way that only grow my own brand contributing to the team.

In short, don’t hate the player – hate the game worry, I’ve realized that I can easily still fool you the A-List has changed me.  I’m working on tricks to attract and bring in more sheep like ewe making my blog more fun for everyone.

Peace! Out!  Should be an interesting day!

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This Guy Is Bad…

August 27, 2006

This guy is bad…pull his ads

This guy is bad…pull his ads

This guy is bad…pull his ads

{wait a sec, maybe it’s that guy not this guy…it’s ok, I have lots of blog visitor capital to expend and none of the Z-List sheep will remember anyway}

That guy is bad…pull his ads

That guy is bad…pull his ads

 UPDATE: Since this blog is about ME!, I can be wrong as often as I please and none of my minions will care.  Anyone who thinks differently is actually working for competitors or posting as anonymous cowards…make a note of that.