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Speaker Standards….

September 3, 2006

regarding “speaker standards,” maybe you haven’t heard….

– I won the “Cat’s Meow” award at a conference once and am a 4 time winner of “Most Likely to Suck Seed” award

– I’ve been called “better than canned corn” by CCB television (did I tell you that they were amazed that I got *3* blog comments during my TV interview with them!)

– At DROP in Europe, I was the third highest ranked speaker (hmmm..there was only a model and retired milkman with no teeth as the other speakers)…but I was third!

– (editor’s note: there’s a first for everything…a real blogger actually used the following phrase…it’s too perfectly arrogant to change so I’ll cut and paste his words in full.  sometimes reality is funnier than parody)  “And, there aren’t many people alive who’ve interviewed the Office Live team as well as the Google Calendar team as well as the guy who runs the company that makes Open Office.”    (  see comment #42)

– I’ve name-dropped every executive known to man, tamed tigers, incited wars, quelled rebellions, started revolutions, and ended bar fights. The syndication method SRR was even named after ME! When will you understand that it’s all about ME! If you know someone with better credentials and emails to prove it, show ME! 

Don’t take what I am saying as arrogance…just confidence. I’m so misunderstood. Besides, I dont really need to be a speaker anyway for the masses anyway.  My Google Juice is already back…so there!